From The Desk of The Hon. Jt. Secretary

Dear Members,

It gives me immense pleasure to address you once again as Hon Jt. Sports Sect here at JVPGC. A role I feel most humble to command and extremely very responsible to succeed at. Over the last year, the athletic graph across all our departments has jubilantly shot north and this is only cause the team I represent along with the tireless support of the current governance and you the members, have done all we possibly can to ensure we create and nurture the athletic talent available at JVPGC. And the result of this has over exceeded our expectations. Our time and money both well spent as our athletes across all ages and genders,on various platforms, be it locally, state, national and now even internationally are glorifying the name of our country and JVPGC, by adequately leveraging and utilizing these facilities.

Be it squash, lawn tennis, badminton, table tennis, snooker, billiards, skating, chess and even contact sports like taekwondo, our competitive athletes are shining bright across the athletic skies.

In lieu of this, and the visible promise of the future, the management has decided to encourage and invest in sports, in every conceivable way possible over the next season and we will do everything required and more, to create and sustain an environment with an objective to perform well at all competitive arenas.

Training and coaching camps are being conducted in all the departments of the club through full time recognized coaches and we are bringing additional part-time trainers too where necessary.

I am confident that with the encouragement of my fellow governance and the cooperation of members at large, sports will be developed in a big way and with these opportunities the players at JVPGC, whether recreational or competitive will get the maximum benefit and will bring glory to the nation, themselves and JVPGC.

My heart felt respect and kudos go out to all the people involved in this endeavour and more so to all the athletes who have made us so very proud.

I remain available and committed and at all times available to each one of you towards the common cause of adding value and enhancing athletics across all realms within JVPGC.

Jayesh Motasha

Hon Joint Secretary