From The Desk Of The Hon. Secretary

From What We Get, We Can Make A Living;
What We Give, However, Makes A Life

Its deja vu for me; to experience this feeling of pride and humility together; as gives me immense pleasure in addressing you as Hon. Secretary for a 3rd consecutive term here at JVPGC.

An honor I have a distinguished group of ardent like-minded supporters and peers at the managing committee along with each of you, to thank for; for reposing your belief in me.

I take this opportunity to congratulate the uncontested and re-elected members into the honorary managing committee and further pay my respects to the newly elected office bearers who I am a part off and look forward to burning the midnight oil with, through the next season.

I am well aware, that with this honor and power comes the inevitable responsibility to ensure that our great institution built over the last 40 years by our selfless predecessors, creates, achieves and sustains premium status amongst being the very best institutions for social, economic, cultural and athletic value add for all its members. And if I might say so myself, along with the assistance of a very able group of committed office bearers and managing committee members, I can assure you we will do just that, in the season to follow.

We have come a long way over the last few years. Apart from streamlining all operational red flag issues faced, we have successfully implemented many agendas on our priority list.

And for people in positions such us, this is a bottomless list. Keeping in mind our vision of ensuring we provide you not just with the best global practices but the next best global practices, the immediate future requires us to delve and almost immediately create a more secure a monitored entry system into our club. Aka: Using access control systems, which will enhance our security, whilst at the same time, negate the flow of unauthorized people through our gates along with greatly saving costs that arise from theft and misusage of the premises.

As tradition audits, a lot of our (unwilling to accept change with the times) members adamantly walk straight through our gates without showing their ID cards. A lot of unauthorized outsiders use this trick to enter our club, use its facilities; this being a huge safety breach. Hence the management has unanimously chosen to immediately procure and install access barricades at all entrances which will allow entry to authorized personal only, on production of their cards and or biometric fingerprints.

This will considerably reduce the risk for internal theft and damage to assets and inventory as access can be logged and recorded for later review if necessary.

Reports can be generated to see who has accessed where, and at what time. This creates an audit trail and enables us to electronically manage time and attendance. Muster reports will further allow us to instantly see exactly who is where in our building in case of a shut down or emergency.

Above all we believe we may be able to reduce energy bills, save huge costs and protect the environment. This is achieved by arranging for the access control system to exchange data with the building management system.

Since the access control system knows which areas of the building are occupied, it can configure the building management system to automatically turn off unnecessary lighting and reduce the heating in unoccupied areas, keeping in mind our go green initiative, as well.

As I have mentioned on innumerable occasions, this post gives me the opportunity to fulfil my passion of giving back to the society and serving the needy, enjoying entertaining programs and enhancing fellowship with club members, of all ages and genders.

And having said that, I assure you that during my tenure, my team and I will use all our collective knowledge, available resources and time to make 2017-2018 a memorable year for all our club members and take our club to new inconceivable but achievable heights.

Your tireless support and selfless involvement in all our initiatives will give the required boost to the philanthropic purpose of life, which will nourish our hearts and rejuvenate our lives with boundless enrichment, joy and peace.

Yours, through committed to our progress.

Yours faithfully

Himanshu Gokani

Hon. Secretary