From The Desk Of The Hon. Secretary

Greetings and Salutations dear friends !!

In this final month as Secretary for yet another season, I have been successful in focusing on crucial matters at hand. Building up the clubs infrastructure, reconciling and accurately allocating funds for the future and creating a system of transparency for all members, through an open door policy.

At the helm of this aspiration is the new Go Green initiative, enforced with a stage wise approach. The first of its kind, the vision shall set as a landmark case study for all the clubs in the country and also make the facility self-reliant and cost effective.

Engaging a team of proficient and experienced sector transformation experts M/s Konergy Innovations Private Limited to council the management in mobilising the most effective and efficient way forward the mission being, not only addresses the need for upgrading the existing infrastructure towards a sustainable future but also enhancing adaptability with the rapid technology enhancement and upgradation models being part of our daily life.

Through diligently conducting a comprehensive audit of the existing infrastructure from the perspective of safety, power quality, sustainability and efficiency, the team shall engineer integrated investment plans for ensuring minimum patch work solutions and proliferating maximum return based investments through its tested case studied with global success factors. Plugging the integrated suite of investment engineered we shall ensure guaranteed savings and efficiency on the existing building performance.

Keeping the safety of all members as a predominant agenda on our list of things to do, we have successfully completed the Fire Safety Audit.

We also have successfully completed the Structural Audit along with the NDT Test along a whooping 281 spots along the building.

The surging utility invoices have always worried us, as the average per sq meter electricity bills have always been abnormally high, even after commissioning a new transformer and a capacitor bank. Hence the ENERGY Audit, conducted by a deputed and proficient battery of techno commercial experts accredited by the govt of India, will take a factual stock of the consumption and pave an integrated roadmap towards the future.

Supporting us at every curve, have been the best group of chairmen and their sub committees. And above all, fuelling this passion and keeping us true to our cause, have been each one of you members who have been so graciously patient and supportive through the past challenging and very developmental; yet if I may say so myself, very successful and prosperous season at JVPGC.

Sure, we have had our differences in beliefs sometimes, like all exuberant and driven teams do. We out grew our differences and learnt wholesomely from each other's opinions; but that being said, our vision, our mission and goals were always unanimous and aligned, being, "For The Members".

It's a brave new world out there folks, one, full of wondrous challenges and limitless opportunities. And, as your secretary here at JVPGC, it has always been and will continue to be my goal; my responsibility and above all my untiring promise and privilege to ensure that all these new and next best global practices and opportunities get presented to each one of you, regardless of our genders or age groups; throughout my journey with you.

Having said that, this journey is by no means over but as we look ahead at another season; there are reasons to be thankful for, and to be cautiously optimistic about what's next.

I am absolutely sure that our Editor and Chief, Nikhil Prabhakar Rao and his very artistic team here at Sandesh have put together another very delightful magazine for all of us to stay abreast with all the happenings here at JVPGC. Can't wait to read it, been told its our best issue yet !!

So until the next one folks !

Himanshu Gokani

Hon. Secretary