From The Desk Of The PRESIDENT

My dear fellow members,

Leadership is not as much about the next election as it is about the next generation. This has been the driving force behind our collective mission; “We are for the Members” and that remains the foremost driving force behind all decisions we make and behind this note at large.

As a President, the first thing I realised is that the quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves and the community they represent. Standards of learning, development, progress, safety, entertainment; in a nut shell, an environment where everyone feels safe and life gets enriched.

The last season, has been rather short and hence challenging in terms of its tenure. Short, cause we have endeavoured at realigning our processes with the wisdom of our forefathers, and in doing so we have scheduled the elections and the Annual General Meeting in September. This process in its entirely has been put back on track after nearly 18 years.

One of the things about good leadership is to be able to recognise a problem before it becomes an emergency. Highlighting some of the umbrella initiatives we have successfully rolled out, we start with the “Go Green” initiative which has been very well accepted and encouraged. We have accepted the truth that global warming will impact 2 out of 3 people by 2100 and we have proactively decided to do something about it before it remains just a craft project. Hence, our mission for 2017 - 2018 remains a Green & and Smart Club, towards a sustainable, green and smart building.

We have also commenced the electric safety audit and soon enough we can all safely enjoy the premises with no fear of untoward incidents. Finally we have extended our bandwidth in terms of affiliations with other clubs in various cities across the country where members can now enjoy JVPGC hospitality during their travels. All this information is available with us at the club and will soon be put up on our website as well.

The greatest glory of a good leader is when he produces more leaders, not followers. The working force, administration process and chairs who govern their respective departments have all done a remarkable job with the delegation of authority which we have enforced. In doing so, we have cultivated a sense of responsibility that comes with this authority across all departments which in turn has streamlined all systems and process and checked deterrent trouble makers. We have further been able to optimally use minimal resources which in turn have curbed expenses which have been acutely directed in a better manner towards members welfare alone, through cultural and entertaining programs and sports enhancement.

The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.

Through continued unity, integrity, leadership and professionalism, fuelled by our innate passion for improvement which leads to progress; we will at all times strive to create a sustainable bright future for us, and more importantly, for the generations that follow. We will make sure that we take advantage of the opportunities that lie before us, create them where they don't exist and bring the best and next best global practices to JVPGC.

One member, One club, One goal – excellence and brilliance; we invite you all to play your part in this exciting future. I know I am and I assure you, I will continue too!

With regards,

Shamit T. Majmudar

Hon. President